Living with Narcolepsy

Memory Loss With Narcolepsy


Who else experiences this? I’ll wake up and it’s like the past day didn’t happen. I forget people’s names, people I’ve known for years, my once good vocabulary is terrible now, and I can’t write like I used to. Simple words will take hours to come to mind and my sentences often come out disjointed and messed up because I can’t form them in my mind as well because of the vanished vocabulary and knowledge. I forget how to do things I’ve done plenty of times and repeat myself a lot because I don’t remember that I already talked about something.
I’m pretty sure this is narcolepsy related?
I also have POTS, which causes a lack of blood to the brain, which also has some similar symptoms, but it’s brought on usually by changes in posture, getting up from sitting, physical activity, etc. So I guess both narcolepsy and POTS are ganging up on me >.<


Yes, I have the same things happing to me, I can drop words out of sentences without even knowing and that can put a whole new spin on the convo. Real bad with names always asking people their names and yet I’ve asked them a thousand times. Reading books takes twice as long as have to go back pages to reread it as forgot story line. Always forget to call people back or sort out bills. I’m 44 found out I had Narcolepsy when 19/20 and been on Meds ever since. I’ve noticed last few years my memory is shot to bits.


So true and frustrating. Remembering people’s name is especially hard. When I meet new people I have been more successful in remembering their names if, when they tell me their name, I state it back immediately and use their name immediately in conversation with them.


This is because we microsleep so much though out the day and continue to automatic behavior performing tasks we are accustom to doing on a regular basis. for example you have a microsleep and go on to automatic behavior, and you place an object in an unusual place, then can’t even remember having touch the object period much less know where you put it! I can’t tell you the odd places I have placed my cell phone, the fridge, the pantry, my sock drawer, you name it I’ve done it! Thank goodness for find my iPhone app!! Here is a really good read on micro sleep and automatic behavior, it’s acyually got lokksnof great info but the microsleep and AB section is all the way at the bottom of the page.