Living with Narcolepsy

Does anybody else have trouble sleeping at night?

I have narcolepsy, I’ve had it now for 8 years, through out the years I’ve struggled with sleeping at night, I’ve tried taking different prescriptions for sleep but they don’t seem to help me. Recently I’ve been working extra shifts and also attending school and for the past 3-4 days I haven’t slept much at night, the only rest I’ve gotten was the naps I take around noon. Does anybody have any advice on getting sleep at night ?

My night time sleep is horrid, too… It’s hard for me to fall asleep sometimes, and hard for me to stay asleep as well. I have really vivid scary dreams a lot, which cause me to wake up confused. Also, I’ve been having hypnagogic and hynpopompic hallucinations which are no fun either.
I’m hoping my insurance is gonna approve me for Xyrem… I’ve been informally diagnosed. I’m waiting on my sleep study. Doctors move so sllllooowww… But. My psychiatrist is awesome! He’s helping me with day meds while I wait at least which is better than nothing.

I hope your sleep gets better… Have you tried thenarcolepsynetwork.org? They have lists of medications on there I think ND if they don’t I’m sure they have links to someone that does. Or try the NIH ninds website…
Best wishes to you